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    As it stands right now, Rev Rule 2020-27 only requires a reasonable expectation of forgiveness.  However, there is a letter endorsed by several hundred trade associations, to include the AICPA, that was delivered to Congress just yesterday that asks Congress ...

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    How can a business remove the loan from their books if they haven't received acknowledgment from their lender that the loan has been forgiven?  I thought that Rev Proc 2020-27 was simply pointing out that even if a borrower had, or had not, applied for ...

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    RE: PPP Loan forgiveness

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    I'm not aware of any IRS initiatives to produce a stand alone form for PPP loan reporting or add any questions to existing forms, but they would be within their right to do so.  ------------------------------ Andrew Barg CPA Barg & Henson CPAs PLLC ...

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