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    RE: Expat Taxes

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    Roland's response is spot on. We also have a client that lives and works in Japan. Rather than deal with the Form 2555 issues, we found it simpler to take the foreign tax credit on the taxpayer's Japanese tax withholdings. In our case her income is from ...

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    You have to meet all of the requirements for the reciprocal license as you would for a new Texas license.  I had to provide transcripts, test sores, etc.  In other words, they didn't rely on anything from my original state.  When I moved here 18 years ...

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    Roland is correct as always.  Depending on the amount of income and taxes, you may be able to use the Japanese tax payments as credits during 2019 to cover any US tax on the earned income and save yourself the 2555 brain damage.  Since most foreign tax ...

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